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Extra-curricular Activities For Kids

Awaantar™ believes in Extra-curricular Activities For Kids. We have Programming & Craft Courses for our young minds.

Awaantar™ is owned & operated by Knowbbies Educational Services Pvt Ltd, Pune.
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Awaantar™ offers below listed Programming courses for the kids.

  • Puzzlers (6+ age)
  • Motors & Mechanism (7+ age)
  • Logic Building & Apps (10+ age)
  • IoT Programming(12+ age)

Awaantar™ offers below listed craft courses for the kids.

  • Craft is Fun - Program for 4-6 Yrs
  • Craft is Creative - Program for 6-8 Yrs
  • Craft is Life - Program for 8-10 Yrs

These courses are taught by Awaantar™ Certified teachers who are technically qualified female teachers located across Pune, Mumbai & several other cities in Maharashtra.

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